R T L SOLE is an acronym for the monad of human spiritIMG_4717




All embodied into oneself, solely

Behind R T L SOLE is the imagination of Danielle Nadia Simm.

Danielle’s work draws upon her vast life experiences, personal relationships, fortuitous exchanges with bizarre strangers, cold places and endless spaces.

Traditionally trained in the field of Print Media, screen printing being her passion, Danielle chooses not to be confined to one but uses an array of mediums and styles to communicate how she perceives the changing world around us.

Birthed into the concrete jungle, Danielle learned to navigate the streets at the tender age of 13. She was never one for training wheels yet discovered her love for bicycles which led to a career of messengering. Being immersed in the urban hub, Danielle used her vocation as a segue and coeval for her daily art practice.

Lover of all things moss, mushrooms and the delicate blanket of mother nature, Danielle made her transition into the forest where she continues her practice with the same urban approach. You can find her either frolicking in the wild, wild woods or teaching her son about the wonderment of love and life all while being hugged by the mountains in the Slocan Valley of British Columbia.

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